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Blog | Smart Heart Scans



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Smart Heart Scans for athletes is a joint endeavor between BESTT for U.S., Incorporated a 501 (c) (3) non-profit corporation, On Site Imaging, Inc. and a local certified cardiologist. In an effort to make these cardiac screenings affordable to all, the cost for Smart Heart Scans begins at only $80.00 in metro Atlanta. RETURN POLICY In the event the Smart Heart Scans date is cancelled or if you are not able to get your child to the examination you signed up for, we will send you a refund minus the processing fee. PROTECTED HEALTH INFORMATION...

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An Echocardiogram (Echo) is a type of ultrasound exam, which allows cardiologists to view the heart. A registered sonographer will apply a gel to the area of the chest then place a small transducer on the skin to take pictures of the heart that allow the cardiologist to see the heart structure, blood flow etc. The Echo can be an invaluable tool in ruling out the presence of Hypertrophic Cardiomyoapathy (HCM), also known as the enlarged heart, and obstruction of blood flow to the heart. While no tests or screenings can uncover every heart...

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The best method for detecting most heart anomalies is an echocardiogram, a test normally performed at hospitals or physicians clinics when symptoms warrant. These tests are expensive though and are generally not covered by insurance when no symptoms are present. It is often the very lack of symptoms though that make Sudden Cardiac Death (SCD) among student athletes that much more surprising and tragic. Now however, with the availability of portable ultra-sound equipment, echocardiograms can conveniently be performed right at school where...

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The American Heart Association has released guidelines recommending pre-participation screenings of young athletes. Each year though, we lose student athletes to Sudden Cardiac Death (SCD) even after being cleared to participate in sport programs. Standard physical exams performed by the family physician may not be enough to detect the most recognized cause of SCD - Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy (HCM). According to the American Heart Association, 36% of athletes who died while competing had probable or definite HCM, a condition which affects 1...

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